The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Let's 'George Muller' that...

I dropped our sitter off last night after she sat for the boys (poor girl, I was so tired I talked her ear off the entire way to her house). On the way to her house we were talking about The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and how awesome the cast was and how it sold out and what a great experience it was. I found out last night that pretty much ALL the kids that showed up for the three hour audition were cast in the play. This amazes me because not only did the cast feel 'hand picked' to me because they all fit their roles perfectly even down to hair color, but all 25 kids got along. I got to thinking that I know I had said a prayer before the boys auditioned that they would get a part and that it would be an awesome first theater experience... and I'm sure others had said a few prayers of their own too. It's as if God sent those kids (and adults) to that theater specifically. Not only that, he made sure there were almost a 1,000 people during the holiday season that were free those three weekends to sell out each of the shows. He wrapped a line of people around the building that waited previous to each show to get in... and he helped deliver a homespun Christmas Story to each and every audience member. Who knows, maybe he did that because he felt that was a great way to potentially reach someone that would have never stepped foot in a church. "For unto YOU a child is born!"

We've got lots of family 'prayer' stories that could only have happened because God answers prayers... to include how we ended up in Albuquerque. I don't believe in coincidences... maybe that what's mainstream calls answers to prayer requests. Anyway, the boys and I recently finished reading the book about the life of George Muller, a Christian missionary who started Bristol, UK's first orphanages back in the 1800's. The foundation behind the orphanages was that they would be started and run on prayer and that God would provide everything George needed. George never asked for a dime. It worked and the orphanages were a testament to what God can do in the lives of believers. (It's an AMAZING read and we have coined the phrase in our family that we are going to 'George Muller' that prayer and git er done.)

So I shared this big long story because we are trying to 'George Muller' a HUGE request right now and last night I was trying to fall asleep thinking about all of this and felt compelled to share the story. I'll get back on here and share the outcomes as they come in... keep on praying peeps. He listens AND answers!!!

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