The Kids

The Kids

Monday, January 27, 2014

Great Mommy Moments...

Today I had one of those 'great mommy moments' that could also be considered a 'come to Jesus moment'... we were at the Children's Science Museum and Maddie was playing with a water table and got all wet.  So, like a good mom, I got her some paper towel while watching her head down the maze hallway... just as she got around the corner, I grabbed the towel and took off after her.  Too late!  I looked all over and couldn't find my little monkey.  

Trying to squelch the instinct to completely freak out, I enlisted one of the staff members to help.  Within two minutes she had radioed every staff member in the museum to start looking for her... two minutes later a woman's voice came over the walkie talkie saying she found Maddie, but Maddie wouldn't come with her.

We headed to the back of the museum and there was Maddie rounding the corner from an area quite a ways from where I lost her... I would not have thought she could have got that far.  I thanked the ladies profusely and followed Maddie to yet another section of the museum... she was un-phased!

I am now rethinking that monkey back pack with the leash attached!

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