The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Babysat a friends kids last night... what a hoot!

We were going to do a 'movie marathon' and her son (7) told me that he could not sit down because he has a problem with his legs... it started about 10 years ago!

A little later, her daughter (2) found one of my boys' walkie-talkies and started calling Elmo.  She was adamant to get him on the line... about 20 minutes into it, Sean yells over and says "Ky-Ky's calling the Devil"... I looked over to hear her say, "Devil?  Devil?"

Right before my friends got back to pick the kids up Sean runs up to me and announces that he "married Ky-Ky because he kissed her on the lips"... my children are so confused!

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