The Kids

The Kids

Monday, September 6, 2010

Little boy said what?!?

I was getting dressed in the park shower when I heard a woman and two young children walk in to use the shower next to mine... I got out and set my stuff down on the bench when she was finishing with the little boy.  He came out wrapped in a towel and sat down on the bench next to my bag.  I was brushing my hair and he was chatty...

I asked him if he was having fun camping and he said 'yes'.  We talked about how they were staying in a tent and how he was from Colorado.

Randomly he asked me if I was with my 'Dad'.  I told him 'no' and said that my dad was in Michigan.  He asked me if my dad was in 'jail'.  I said 'no' and repeated that he was in Michigan.

"My dad is in jail."  Really?!?  I glanced over and noticed that the woman didn't hear him or wasn't responding to his 'honesty'.

"He stole a car."  What do you say to that?!?
                                                           I said, "Oops"

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