The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Only ran into one misplaced screw that the Dremel took care of... all in all, a pretty successful house move... I could start a new series called 'Play-House Haulers'!


Hubby called me at lunch and asked me what I was doing... I said that I plead the 5th and that I don't have to say anything. Let's just say that it is amazing what you can do when you have the 'will'... too bad I went to the chiropractor -yesterday- and had my ribs put back into place because I'm pretty sure they're messed up again!

Playhouse Haulin'... the story in pictures:

The porch was probably the most time consuming break down.

After I removed the screws, the walls just 'fell' off.  

The floor and the front wall were probably the hardest parts to move... they - were - HEAVY!

Up it goes!  So happy it is this easy to move... one day it will move again!

Back together again...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn...

‎"I will not move the play house to the backyard by myself... I will not move the play house to the backyard by myself... I will not move the play house to the backyard by myself." No matter how many times I say this I know that I'm going to try... aargh! I'm so stubborn!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Not so tasty...

Spent the day brushing Australian Timber Oil (think Linseed oil) on the playhouse to seal if from the ever present Albuquerque sun... all I can taste and smell is Australian Timber Oil... hope this goes away soon.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Full of hot air...

We took the long way to school today to watch three balloons touch done near our house... this one just kept floating by!  We are very excited for the Hot Air Balloon Festival that starts the first week of October! I can't even imagine how awesome the sky is going to look!

Almost at completion...

Last night Ethan helped me fill nail holes and get the house ready to sand... this morning after I dropped Ethan off at school, I started the dreaded sanding process.  After three hours, I was covered in saw dust, the nerves in my arms are vibrating and my back is killing me... but the sanding is done!  Thank God!  

I can honestly say it will be another 6 months before I am able to 'clean' all of the saw dust out of the garage... everything is covered!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tooth Fairy comes again...

Ethan lost his second tooth tonight!  As soon as Daddy handed it to him he was off to put it under his pillow... that's one way to earn some money!

The Kissing Sean...

Sean told me that he knows how to kiss a girl...

                    "You whip them with a whip and pull them close"

He learned that from the Indiana Jones Wii game...

                                                  I think I should put money in his 'Therapy Fund'.

We have railings...

We worked a little bit more on the house today... I put up the 4x4's and built the railings.  Ethan came out and tested the railings to make sure that he could sit and stand on them without breaking them.  They passed the 'kid test'!

Tomorrow I'm going to finish the last railing and supports and then sand the heck out of it... the rest of the week will be left to staining and sealing the inside and outside of the house... 

Friday, September 17, 2010

What's our motto?!?

Sean told me today that he knows that the things that hold the bathroom mirror to the wall are sharp and he's not going to touch them... then he told me that he did touch them and they scratched his hand... it hurt, but I shouldn't worry because he 'Sucked It Up!' I think that's our family motto... and now I have confirmation that the youngest member knows it too!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Playhouse progress...

Steps 1-6 are done...  we built the frame, the floor and the four walls this weekend.  Needless to say, we are looking forward to Monday and relaxing!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Camping in Colorado...

We spent Labor Day weekend camping at the Colorado State Park at Navajo Lake!  The lake is actually 2/3 in New Mexico and 1/3 in Colorado.  It's a pretty big lake for New Mexico/Colorado... but doesn't compare to the Great Lakes that we are used to.

The drive up to the 4 corners area was absolutely beautiful!  New Mexico has a lot more to offer the eyes that what I could have ever imagined.  It looks like one of those Southwestern calendars everywhere you look.  If that's not good enough, it's pretty sparse when it comes to population... we drove thirty miles from home and we were in middle of nowhere!  Nice.


This is the view of Navajo Lake from the New Mexico side... there were a lot of circa 1970's house boats on the lake.  The boys really got a kick out of the ones with slides on them!

We managed to land in Ignacio (a little town about 15 miles away from Navajo Lake State Park, CO) right at the beginning of their bike week weekend... we needed to go two blocks into town to make a right turn and instead sat in the most traffic we have seen since we moved from Northern Virginia!  It was actually kind of funny... we were in the middle of nowhere and stuck in traffic!

I love this picture... it looks like the Fall colors have taken over the trees.  It's actually the pinks and reds in the sunset that made everything look like Fall!

Campfires every night!  We had a lot of fun.  The first night we froze our behinds off with 40 degree weather and wretched wind.  We survived and were blessed with nicer, calmer weather the second night.    We were for the most part unscathed except Ethan came back with a runny nose and a little cough.

Thought about hooking up a house boat to the hitch and driving off... and then we remembered that there wasn't any room in the yard for it!

Couldn't be a trip to the lake without a little fishing... we didn't catch anything, but Max had a great time catching sticks and swimming.

We were a little disappointed that there wasn't swimming allowed unless you took a boat out and swam off of it... no beach at all.  Oh well, it was just nice looking at the water!

Max is whooped after all of the activity!

Apparently a railroad used to run through the area and service two towns... which are now buried under the water in the lake!

San Juan river on the way home... it flows out of the massive dam on the other side of the lake.  I tried to take a picture of the Dam Deli, but it didn't turn out... oh well.

More of the view... this place is insane!  No wonder it's the Land of Enchantment.  They've got everything here... High Desert, Mountains, Mesas, Foothills, White Sands, Cactus, Snakes, Elk, Pines, Lakes, Rivers, Corn Fields... there's a lot of variety... granted, the rivers and the lakes are few and far in between as New Mexico is the state with the smallest surface water per surface area... it's something like less than 3%.  Just enough to have some to visit.  It hasn't been a huge adjustment because even though we lived near lots of water in Northern Virginia, we didn't spend very much time on it.

I do know that we are going to have to get a 4 season tent to camp here anytime outside of mid June to mid August... the elevation causes the nights to really cool down.  The heater works great unless the wind whips up under the rain fly and clears out the warm air... and then it does a mediocre job warming the outside!  Live and learn...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Little boy said what?!?

I was getting dressed in the park shower when I heard a woman and two young children walk in to use the shower next to mine... I got out and set my stuff down on the bench when she was finishing with the little boy.  He came out wrapped in a towel and sat down on the bench next to my bag.  I was brushing my hair and he was chatty...

I asked him if he was having fun camping and he said 'yes'.  We talked about how they were staying in a tent and how he was from Colorado.

Randomly he asked me if I was with my 'Dad'.  I told him 'no' and said that my dad was in Michigan.  He asked me if my dad was in 'jail'.  I said 'no' and repeated that he was in Michigan.

"My dad is in jail."  Really?!?  I glanced over and noticed that the woman didn't hear him or wasn't responding to his 'honesty'.

"He stole a car."  What do you say to that?!?
                                                           I said, "Oops"

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My eyes are playing tricks...

We were on our way to Colorado to go camping... the boys were chatting about something when all of a sudden Sean tells Ethan...

"Ethan, I just saw a horse riding a scooter!"