The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hubby loved a minivan?!?

We drove the new Sienna today... they had this test drive thing set up outside the bookstore.  If we drove a Toyota around the parking lot, they would give us a $10 gift certificate... so we did.  I drove the Sienna and so did hubby.  It was nice and I was surprised at all of the 'comforts' they've put into it.  I told the Toyota guy that it has been years since I've driven a minivan... they guy said I shouldn't use that word... it's called a 'Swaggin' Wagon'... okey dokey!  I have to say that I liked the reclining seats in the back... they would have been really nice on our family vacation.  I probably won't give up my Expedition until it won't run anymore and then I'll give it CPR and drive for another year after that! 

I guess after that I'll drive the Sienna again... somehow I think I'll be able to get Hubby to test drive it again... I caught him telling a friend that he 'Loved' it!  So funny!  

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