The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We started a 'Therapist Fund' not a 'College Fund'...

The boys and I had a wonderful day... there was minimal fighting... I think I may have even mentioned how wonderful the day was going to Grandma... that was so stupid!  I was testing fate!  Aargh!

I decided to take my wonderful, cooperative children to Red Robin for dinner.  When we got there, we realized that it was 'Kids Night' which meant that a face painter was showing up and so was a balloon artist.  We finished eating just as the face painter was getting started.  Ethan and Sean decided that they wanted their face painted... okay.

They were numbers 6 and 7 in line... she was on number 2.  After waiting in this line for about 45 minutes, it was finally Ethan's turn.  He had a very pretty Eagle painted on his face... now it was Sean's turn.  He didn't want to cooperate and hid behind my leg.  We let number 8 go ahead of us while Sean figured out what he wanted painted on his face.  It took about two minutes to realize he wanted the exact same thing as Ethan...

When number 8 was done, it was Sean's turn but he wouldn't sit down... he hid behind my leg and wanted the next group of girls to go first (numbers 9, 10 and 11).  I explained that we had already waited so long that he needed to go now or we were going to leave.  He didn't budge.  I re-explained.  Nothing.

That's when I picked him up and carried him out to the truck.  This is when the tantrum began.  Holy cripes!  I watched him escalate the fit to try and get me to take him back inside... I didn't budge.  It became a battle of wits and just as I started praying for more 'wits' he let me buckle him into his seat (by 'let' I mean he stopped to breath and I was able to bend his midsection).  I'm sure the whole thing lasted about 10 minutes (the parking lot display) but it felt like longer... if we wouldn't have left the police would have probably shown up because he was screaming so loud!  He pitched a fit the whole way home...

I did call a 'time out' and stopped off at Walgreens to get a six pack of Michelob Ultra... I'm only human and hubby's not home... my nerves were fried and I was going to need something to celebrate my incredible self control.  By the time we got there, Ethan was crying too.  He was upset because Sean was upset.  Ethan's Eagle was streaked down his face... I felt so bad for him!  I wiped off his Eagle and picked Sean up (sans shoes so he couldn't get down) and headed into Walgreens.  As I put the beer on the counter, I mustered up some dignity that I had buried in my purse and told the guy, "Doesn't' school start soon?"  I was feeling a good mix of 'White trash' and 'Redneck' at this point.  After I buckled Sean back into his seat, I walked around the truck and said a little 'Thank God I've got self control' prayer...

Everyone calmed down once we got home... I headed up and got bath water.  Sean was about ready to get into the tub when he turned to me with his arms crossed in front of him and said,

"Mom, You Ruined My Life!"

Really?!?  At 4?!?  I told him to tell his therapist!  I talked to my mom later and told her that I 'ruined Sean's life'... as a parent, everything is downhill from here for me... I've already completed my major task when it comes to Sean... I've already ruined his life so there really isn't anything more for me to do! 

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