The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Up BEFORE the birds...

Rise and shine this morning before the sun did... we have to be on set by 6 am.  I was up by 4 and had the boys up by 5.  It's funny because you would think they would wake up crabby that early in the morning... but these two wake up sweet and friendly.  They are so nice to each other and to me that I am tempted to make this their regular wake up time and then just require naps!?!

I helped Sean get dressed and he picked out a blanket to take with him to set... he picked it up off of his bed and held it like you would hold a baby doll.  Then he said, "My blanket looks like a taco... it's a 'Blanket Taco'."  He laughed at himself completely satisfied carrying his 'Blanket Taco' downstairs to the truck.

Today is a good day!

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