The Kids

The Kids

Friday, July 16, 2010

No you didn't...

As I mentioned before, we get shuttled over to base camp... I make sure to pack everything we may need in a bag so we don't leave anything in the truck that we may want while we are waiting.  Before I closed up the truck, I specifically asked Sean if he wanted his blanket... nope.  With that, I locked up the truck and we got into the shuttle.

A couple hours later after they had already been on set, we were sitting in holding waiting to get word on what was in store for the kids when Sean walked over to me and said, "I want my blanket."

I explained that I had asked him if he wanted it before we left the truck and he had said 'no'.  Sean didn't like that answer so he moved it up a notch and started pitching a fit about wanting me to go out to the truck and get it for him...  I said 'no' again.  He blurted 'yes' at me and repeated that he wanted me to go to the truck and get his blanket...

With that I calmly told him, "You are going to have to make a lot more money doing this before I walk all the way out to our truck to get you your blanket."  End of discussion.

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