The Kids

The Kids

Monday, July 19, 2010

My set...

Sean is actually really getting into this whole acting thing... as we were driving to set today we passed over the rail yard and you could see the trailers from the production company... he let me know that that was 'HIS set'.  It makes me feel better about bringing him because he is comfortable enough to claim ownership of the project that he is working on...

We were driving to the parking lot and the boys were talking about the trains in the old rail yard... Sean mentioned that one of them was 'HIS train'.  Okay.

We got out of the shuttle and headed into the holding area where they set up breakfast... after we got into costume, we over to get a snack and use the bathroom.  Sean bee-lined ahead of Ethan and I telling us that he would show us where everything was... since it was 'HIS set'.

Later on, he told me that he was going to listen to 'HIS director' when they told him to do something.  I don't know... maybe this is HIS calling?!?

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