The Kids

The Kids

Monday, July 12, 2010

Gonna be a movie star...

The movie shoot went well this morning... we were there by 6 am.  Sean was playing a 'featured homeless child' and was not to excited about the costume choice wardrobe made.  He was wearing long pants, a short sleave shirt, a long sleeve jacket and knock-off Ugg boots.  I have to admit that playing in a movie that takes place in the winter while it's 85+ degrees in the summer is not fun. 

By the time we got on set, Sean had decided he didn't want to participate.  It's a little intimidating especially for someone so small.  There's people running all over making sure the set is just right.  There's sound and lighting people.  Then there's the 12 adults dressed up like homeless people sitting around on a set that looks like a homeless shelter.  This is going to be a tough sell, but it's really too late sweetie... the show has to go on.  Sean was shy for about 5 minutes and then took off with two Lego guys onto the set by himself... I was so surprised!  He played with a couple little girls while they filmed.  It took about 30 minutes and we were done.

Afterwards, we waited in holding to make sure they didn't need to redo anything.  They cut us loose about 8:00.  Back over to wardrobe to drop off the clothes.  The boys were being silly and running around while I was getting Sean checked out with the casting people.  The one casting lady gathered Ethan, Sean and the other little girl together to teach them a quick lesson about running around on sets... she was very nice about it, but they weren't listening.  She tried to have them focus on her again and Sean was the only one that stayed 'tuned in' to what she was saying.  When she got done explaining how we don't run around and act goofy, Sean piped up and said, "My brother, Ethan, was running around and fell over there."  I think he threw Ethan under the bus...

He is very focused when he is on 'his' set.  Great morning on set and better yet, we were headed home by 8:30!  One of the perks of being a kid!

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