The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Excuse me, what?!?

The movie set is located at the old rail yard... which really makes for quite the authentic inner city homeless shelter.  Anyway, we park down the way and get shuttled over to the base camp area.  That is where the kids get costumed and wait until they are ready for them on set.

We had already been to set once.  Sean did great!  It takes him a couple minutes to get comfortable when he gets to set... I don't blame him for that... the building is made out to be a shelter.  It's dirty and a bit dilapidated and all the adults on set look like homeless people... their clothes are ragged and their hair is dirty... some of them even have makeup on that makes them look weathered.  Now imagine how a four year old looks at that set... lets just say that Sean impressed me!  Luckily, most of the adults have been there before and they are so very good with the kids.

After Sean was done, they sent us to a trailer with A/C to wait while they figured out if the shot went well and they needed the kids anymore.  Well, as we waited, I made sure that everyone had something to drink and snack on... I had gotten Sean a bottle of water before realizing that there was Gatorade in one of the coolers.

Sean looked at me in that 'I'm a movie star' sorta way and said, "I don't want water... I want Gatorade."  Suddenly, I wasn't feeling like a 'regular mom' but a 'stage mom'...  he got his Gatorade right after a brief talk about R-E-S-P-E-C-T...

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