The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Too smart for his own good...

I've been noticing for a couple of days that games keep disappearing off of my phone... that wouldn't be a problem except I am enjoying playing Solitaire and this Jewel Qwest game both of which have disappeared more than once...

Well, I guess that I might as well admit that I may be a bit slow to connect the dots... you see, I let Sean play games on my phone... I have for a really long time.  Anyway, he's three and I never suspected him as the one that is responsible for deleting the games.  Today I realized that he IS the culprit!  He has added and deleted a whole bunch of games and by 'a whole bunch' I mean at least 7 or 8 at about $8 or $9 a pop! Aargh!

I got on the phone to Verizon and pleaded with the unforgiving, non-understanding lady on the other end of the line... finally, she said she would give me credit for one of the downloads.  Wow, thanks.  So I hopped on my soap box and told her that there should be a better system for downloads... for pete's sake, I don't even know how to delete things off of my phone... how in the world does my three year old know how to do it?!?  I continued... you should be asked 'are you sure you want to delete this' before you actually delete the application.

Much to my chagrin, the lady said that you are prompted with that question and apparently Sean knows how to answer it correctly... again and again.

I hung up in dreaded anticipation of this months cell bill.

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