The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Part Three: The Ugly!

Grandma finally was able to get someone to confirm that a hotel had one room left and they were going to send a shuttle... it was to one of the Quality Inn's in the area.  Beggers can't be choosers, right?!?  We waited for a little while longer and the shuttle pulled up... the guy got out and confirmed that he was going where we were wanting to go.  We got in.

When we got to the hotel five minutes later, he realized we were at the wrong hotel.  There was a bit of a language barrier and he didn't understand us and we didn't understand him... they guy felt bad, so he started driving us around to the area hotels to find us a room.  By the time he found us one it was about 11:30 p.m. (still no dinner)... it was a supposed to be a nice hotel, but it was a smoking room... the silver lining was that it was one hotel away from a Ruby Tuesday's.  Dinner!

Check in was fast and yes, it was a stinky smoking room... but I was only going to be there about three hours before I had to get up and leave for the airport.  We raced to Ruby Tuesday's hoping to find it open... and it was!  We ordered take out and drank a beer while we waitied... the boys hung out in a booth and ate macaroni and cheese.  Yes, I got the 'you have two kids in a bar... at 12:30 in the morning' looks. 

We got back to the hotel around 1:00 and ate our 'dinner'... We figured out sleeping arrangements... Grandma and Grandpa got the bed (they paid for the room), Ethan got the little bunk thing by the window, and Uncle Kenny, Sean and I shared the stinky couch.  We did NOT open the sofa bed for fear of what might have been inside.. I think I made it to bed around 1:30 to have my alarm go off at 3:00 a.m.  This sucks!  I was already running on limited amounts of sleep due to Sean's snoring, but this was getting ridiculous.

I got up and took a shower... and put on my clothes from the previous day (forgot to say that we didn't have any of our clean clothes because nobody knew where my luggage went).  I got the boys 'up' and put their clothes on and packed our carry ons... we were ready to go.

Grandma helped us downstairs and I carried Sean.  We were three minutes late for the 4:00 shuttle... so we waited untile 4:30.  I had orange juice and felt hung over due to the lack of sleep... Ethan was slumped over a chair asleep and I was holding Sean.  This was certainly not 'fun'.  The guy that was driving the shuttle was really nice, so that was a bright spot.  I said goodbye to Mom for the second time and prayed that I actually had tickets waiting for me.

We got dropped off and the boys managed to walk into the airport and up to the ticket counter... we had tickets and the seats were all together.  We made it through security without any problems and found our gate... I was scared to say that things were going well...

Our flight boarded on time and the weather was good.  We got on the plane bound for L.A. and the boys passed out!  I managed to get in a little sleep between head bobs... it was a long and bumpy six hour flight.  With my eyes closed, I imagined we were driving down a dirt road!  Oh well, can't complain because we got in forty-five minutes early because of the wind!  The boys got 'wing' pins and were thanked for how good they were... they were awesome!  I told them that they could get the flight simulator they wanted... and a pony!

We got into LAX with no problems at all... I had to laugh because I didn't get into the top three for that Flo thing, but God still managed to get me into L.A. regardless... I'm telling you that he has one heck of a sense of humor!  While we were there, I headed to the customer service desk to find out about the vouchers (that's what the guy said to do).  The lady at the desk couldn't find anything attached to my (massive) file about any vouchers... I was going to have to call customer service again!  A 'quick' phone call to them and the guy said that he was going to email them to me right now!  Yeah!  We hung out there until we hopped on the last uneventful leg of our trip.

We arrived in Albuquerque a few minutes ahead of schedule becaue of wind... the bumps on this leg were a little scarrier because it was a little plane... and they made us all sit in the back part of the plane to distribute the weight... which was unnerving.  Needless to say, I prayed more than usual on this flight!  We arrived and I made bets with the boys as to whether or not our luggage was waiting for us...

Not suprised to find the luggage carousel empty!  Our luggage was not waiting for us... anywhere!  Filed a claim and raced off to Ethan's soccer game. 

I've got to say that for as much inconveniences that were thrown at us the last twenty-four hours of our trip... I probably would do it over again.  It was great seeing everyone together.  The boys had so much fun with Uncle Kenny and Uncle Mike.  It actually was a alot of fun joking about how we all went to Rhode Island to see Mike and he was the only one getting a good night sleep that night! 

All I've got to say is... life is always an adventure... and I've got plenty of lemonade if anyone wants any!

P.S. We got our luggage today...

P.S.S. I've got to call on the travel vouchers as they only emailed me one $250 rather than three $150 ones...

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