The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Part One: The Good!

Uncle Mike's Naval Officer Development School graduation celebration started out on the right foot...

Wednesday morning the alarm went off when it was supposed too... the boys got up in a good mood and we got the truck packed... we headed off to the airport without a glich!  Check-in and Security went well... except for the fact that they pulled a blade out of my purse (small multi-tool) and large bottles of lotion and hair stuff (threw those in last minute and forgot about the 3 oz. rule).  The boys were complimented while we were waiting and JD was thanked by a couple people for his service (Sean was wearing a USMC shirt that struck up conversation). 

We boarded the plane and the boys were invited into the cockpit with the pilots... they were even offered to say something over the speaker... that was pretty cool!  We got our seats and everything went smooth.  We were up in the air and landing in Dulles, DC before we knew it... our 40 minute lay over was perfect... just enough time to grab take out and get on our puddle jumper to hop to Rhode Island.

We landed in Providence with perfect aircraft precision.  Nothing to complain about.  The boys were wonderful and our family was waiting for us... in the bar.  This was the first time that everyone was together in quite awhile... and by everyone, I mean Mom and Gerry, Uncle Mike, Uncle Kenny and Dad.  The boys were so happy to see everyone!  We got the rental cars and headed down to Newport...

Drive there went well, check-in to the hotel went well, the rooms were nice... we met up with Michael and grabbed a quick dinner at a really good local brewery.  It was fun!  Afterwards, I dropped Mike off on base and the rest of us headed back to the hotel and went swimming.  We had a great day!  The only problem I had was Sean snoring through the night... I think he must have sawed down half a forest!  I did manage to get a couple hours of broken sleep because I sandwiched my head in between two pillows... I have issues with hotel sleeping, so this was a severely desperate attempt to get even the smallest bit of sleep.  That was the only glich in the trip so far, so we were doing really well!

Thursday we woke up late and grabbed breakfast.  Afterwards, Mom and I headed to base to get Mike and Dad, Gerry, Uncle Kenny and the boys headed off to fly a kite on the beach... again, we were having a great time.  We met up with them at the beach and took some pictures.  Then we checked out the harbor and had a drink on the pier.  Great day... great time with family!

The family reception was really neat.  Uncle Mike looks great in uniform!  The boys had fun and they met a couple new friends.  After the reception, we went back to the hotel to go swimming and chill out.  We had to get to bed a little earlier tonight because we needed to be up and out of the hotel at 7 a.m. to get breakfast and head to Uncle Mike's 9 a.m. graduation.  I think we finally were ready for bed around mindight, but by that time Sean was already snoring!  Graciously, Uncle Kenny volunteered to take him back to his room and let me get some sleep.  About two hours later, Kenny was back with Sean.  (Grandpa Weber and Kenny realized that Sean was up and crying when Grandpa woke up because Sean was pulling on Grandpa's toe!)  I can't complain, at least I got two hours of sleep as Sean snored until 5:20 when my alarm went off!

We all got up and got everything packed.  It was nice having so much help carrying the boys out.  After breakfast, we headed to the base for Mike's ODS Graduation... it was really neat watching the formality of a military graduation.  Everyone had a really great time... except the female officer that passed out in the middle of it and landed on the floor (she was okay).  When the ceremony was over, Mike packed up his stuff and we headed off in the direction of the airport.

The trip up to the airport was a quick 30 minutes and we were all still to early to check in, so we decided to grab some lunch in this little town just a few miles from the Providence airport.  It really turned out to be a very nice day! 

Back at the airport, check in went well, security went well... everything went well.  Mom and Gerry were the first ones to fly out around 3:00 or so... the rest of us weren't leaving until about 4:30.  We all hung out in a Dunkin Donuts to pass the time (we needed to be close to coffee).  Sean was sneaking around taking pictures of everyone with my little camera... then I heard 'smack' and 'I'm sorry Mommy'... he had dropped the camera and bent the retractable lens... crap!  I would normally be happy about a broken camera, but I really liked that one... oh well.  (This explains why the pictures stop here)  Dad, Uncle Mike and Uncle Kenny hung out with the boys and I until around 4:00 and then Dad and Mike headed off to their gate... they were flying back to Detroit on the same flight.  I was glad that Kenny was going to be able to hang out with me until our flight to Dulles left at 4:30...  so far everything was going smoothly... so far...

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