The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Blessed in so many ways...

I have always felt that God has blessed my life in so many ways... even during deployments and deployment re-entries... I have never felt like I've been let down.  Granted, I have asked the proverbial 'Where are you?' a few times, but there's always been little (and big) things letting me know that He was always right there.

I've got two great boys and realize that I am so blessed that they are my full time job.  I understand that there is no substitute like me as a provider and caregiver to my boys.  Every time they succeed, I celebrate not only a success for them... but a success for me.  A stay-at-home mom doesn't get paid with cash, but instead gets paid in hugs and kisses, crayon on the wall, and dirty socks... I am very wealthy (just not in cash)!

If I have ever felt like over the last six years I have been spinning my tires not doing anything for myself, I apologize... to myself.  I have been harder on myself than anyone else.  I have jumped on my own bandwagon to beat myself up and tear myself down.  I have criticized myself for not doing more for myself and my family. 

Then I just happen by an audition announcement for Progressive Insurance... I put together the 50 second video and uploaded it.  I got picked for the top 10... Progressive PR calls to tell me I'm going to be featured on NBC's Good Day New Mexico... Frankenmuth and Saginaw News wants to do a story...

Then, I get the opportunity to read my life in print and realize... that I have been blessed in so many ways!

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