The Kids

The Kids

Monday, March 15, 2010

White Sands National Monument...

This is from our trip to Southeast New Mexico with the Grandparents to check out White Sands Missile Range... It is one of only two places on Earth that show up white on radar year round... it looks like it is always snowing!  P.S. Trinity Site is only open a couple times a year so we couldn't see that this trip.
The sand is so white it looks like snow... it's very fine so it was easily blowing everywhere!  It was 70 degrees and sunny, but the wind was whipping so bad that the boys had to shield their faces from the sand!

We were wondering how often they have to plow the roads here... the sand drifts probably try to cover them a couple times a day!
Ethan climbed up this dune and within seconds, the wind had already shifted the sand so that you couldn't see his footprints.
Grandma and Sean were going sledding!
Ethan and Granpa on top of one of the dunes.
Max loved getting out and running around...
Max didn't feel so smart when he was covered in sand... I think he thought the sand was snow and took a big bite of it... we never said he was bright, we just said he was full of love!

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