The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Primitive housing for sale...

Northwest of Santa Fe in Bandelier National Monument are the ruins of an 400 year old pueblo built into the sides of the cliff... amazing!  We checked out two of the housing areas... couldn't get them to nail down an exact sale price for the one room condos... there was a larger 'home' that we could have toured, but we had to hike up 140 feet that included four very long ladders... not a good idea with the boys.

The holes in a row above the larger 'doors' were for flooring or roofing beams that came out and helped form the front room of their houses... they were several stories high.
The boys are posing on a ladder to one of the first 'homes' that we were able to crawl up into...
This is the view from the cliff side... that circle is a circle of housing remains.
Sean and Ethan took turns poking their heads out a small window... I wonder how many kids fell out those windows way back when?!?  No such thing as child proofing back then... this is one instance where we can't say that they survived without safety precautions because this group of people actually died off for unknown reasons... perhaps safety gates and railings would have kept them around longer!
Grandpa and the boys!
Grandma and the boys!
I just like pictures of trees...
This was definitely a beautiful place to visit... I recommend taking the time out of life to check Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico out!

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