The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Heavy topics for little guys...

Ethan brought home a book from the library today about 9-11... it was kind of heavy for a kindergartener let alone a three year old.  The pictures in the book were pretty graphic of the collapsed twin towers and the planes right before they flew into them.  He had already looked through it so it was going to be harder to dismiss it rather than explain it.

I dove in to an explanation of terrorism, the good and the bad, real life heroes, wreckage of buildings and planes, survivors, working dogs... you name it, I covered it.  I didn't want to scare them so I ended everything on a positive note and tried to make it all black and white, good and bad...

There was a picture of a man giving blood and that stemmed an anatomy explanation of reasons behind giving blood and how we produce more blood... Sean piped up, "Mommy, when I was in your belly I saw your blood... I saw your blood and your heart.  I saw your heart bumpin your blood."

Leave it to Sean to lighten the mood... we started in on a conversation about babies.  A little bit about where they come from and how they were born... Sean added, "Babies waddle like Penguins."  Thanks, Sean.  You have a talent for making people chuckle!

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