The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Take me out to the desert...

We headed outside of town and found a one lane dirt road into the desert equivalent of a field in order to shoot off some model rockets... Uncle Mike set up the boys' Christmas present (a model rocket) and got it ready to shoot off. It was windy, but Uncle Mike was certain that he had correctly compensated... 3 - 2 - 1... Blast off! Oops, where'd it go?!? Didn't see it at all... then all of a sudden we saw some paper floating through the sky... no rocket in sight! One.

The boys were pretty upset that their rocket was orbiting Earth (that's what we told them)... we punched in Hobby Lobby to the GPS and started off... we turned onto paved roads and ended up circling around to yet another one lane dirt road. Well, if Tom-Tom says to go straight, then we go straight... we followed the dirt lane over hills and rocks until we made it to the paved road and took a right... We picked up two more rockets and some engines and headed back out...

This time we went north of town... found us another dirt road and followed it to a clear high point... Uncle Mike (again) thought he had the angle just right and loaded Sean's (new) rocket on the stand... 3 - 2 - 1... Blast Off! Success! We saw it go up and watched the parachute eject. That was cool! We watched it float down waaaaaayyyyy out in front of us... Uncle Mike started running and I jumped in the truck... By the time we got there it had landed and we didn't know where to start looking. I looked at Uncle Mike and told him that it was necessary to 'look' for the rocket. We gave up about ten minutes later and explained that losing rockets is necessary in order to learn how to shoot them. Two.

For some reason, we (Mike and I as the boys were ready to go home) decided we needed to try again. Against Ethan's better judgement, we loaded his rocket on the launch pad... this time Uncle Mike shot it straight up and made no adjustment for the wind... 3 - 2 - 1... Blast Off!!! Success!!! Straight up it went... it floated gently about 150 yards away and landed in Uncle Mike's hand! That was awesome! Third times a win!

We launched it two more times until we decided to take a break at a nearby park... the boys were pretty happy even though we lost the first two rockets. Today was fun and tomorrow is school...

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