The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Excuse me, attitude...

JD headed out to a class... the moment after he walked out the door, the boys were fighting over the Wii. Ethan had the controller that Sean wanted and Ethan was ignoring Sean's poor attempts to ask politely. I decided to interject as I did not want to listen to the two of them anymore... I asked Ethan to please give Sean the controller...

Without moving another muscle, Ethan very deliberately raised his finger and pointed it at me as if to say, "Mother, please. I am five years old and deserve some respect. Respect my space and respect the symbol that this finger represents. Respect that I don't want to give Sean the controller right now and I do not want to open my mouth and discuss this with you right now. Respect that when I lower my finger I am showing you that I am now ready to proceed with a mature, five year old conversation."

Without wasting another word or losing my cool, I told him "Give your brother the controller or you are going to take a nap."

Without wasting another moment, Ethan handed Sean the controller.

Now that's what I call a win for the Mom Team...

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