The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Emergency at the top...

The view off of the top is amazing! These are pictures off of the viewing deck up by the restaurant. There's the High Finance restaurant at the top that caters to skiers and tourists... the tram is the only way up and the only way down at this part of the mountain! I guess when it's windy, the restaurant doesn't open?!?

This is the view straight down from the deck! Ethan about gave me a heart attack... at the top of the mountain it is covered in snow. At the end of the deck, it is 'au natural' meaning that there aren't any railings or retaining walls... a trail head starts there that runs the ridgeline. Well, Ethan decided to take a flying leap off of the deck and into the snow... this wouldn't have normally been a problem, but if he was two feet to the left, he would have been rolling off of the Sandias!!!
Needless to say, after that I had a death grip on both boys! I was ready to get back down to the truck... safe and sound!

If you look closely, you can see the death grip that I have on the boys!

This is the view off of the East side of the mountain where the ski resort is...

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