The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

There's a museum for that?!?

We checked out Albuquerque's Balloon Museum this weekend! We actually checked it out yesterday and then found out that today was free to Albuquerque residents... plus, Santa floated in on a balloon (not really, but he was taking pictures in a basket) and they had balloon crafts, balloon cookie decorating and, of course, a balloon artist that made the boys a balloon ladybug and airplane! Nothing like getting into the Christmas spirit!

This 'basket' thing (I don't know what they call it because I didn't take the time to read about it) went across the ocean (again, don't know which one because I didn't read it and for that matter it may have went around the world... I don't know) with a hot air balloon attached to it! There were people in it too! Crazy!

Merry Christmas boys!

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