The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sandia Park is ugly...

I've been telling all of our friends and family to register for the HGtv Dream Home giveaway which is located in Sandia Park, New Mexico... it's about a half hour away from our house on the East side of the mountains from Albuquerque. Well, we drove out to check out the area... it turns out that the home is located in a gated community and sits on between 3 and 6 acres. It is surrounded by five different mountain ranges and the evergreens and shrubs in the area are tall enough that you wouldn't be able to see your neighbors, but you can still see the 'view'.

After checking out the area and taking a look at the types of houses that are built in the development South of Dream Home, I can safely say... that it is a complete waste of time for anyone and everyone to register for this house. The area is ugly and completely undesirable... I mean, who wants to wake up and look at mountains everyday?!? Just don't register... and if you do, and you do win... we will be okay with watching the Dream Home for you if you don't want to move... I mean, if we have to...

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