The Kids

The Kids

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Mexico, here we come!

We started out this morning around 4:30... we are trying to meet our movers at the house at 9:30. The boys are just so tired... we moved them out of the beds in the hotel and into their 'mobile beds'... wish I could join them! On several occassions I have asked Ethan to drive so that I can rest... he told me 'no'!

What a beautiful sunrise to start out our last day on the road! We've got about six more hours and then we should be there... if you take in the time change, we should be there around 9:30... I won't hold my breath!

We are finally in New Mexico! Can't say that I could be happier! We all made it! (Technically, we all did because the DOA fish is still double wrapped in the back of JD's truck!)

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marcia said...

Leave no one behind, hmmmmm, Love Big Mommy