The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Livin in the Old West...

We had severe storms last night... well, in some areas they were supposed to get up to 24 inches of snow! We didn't get the snow, but we got severe winds... and an unexpected visitor!
This huge tumbleweed rolled through our yard sometime last night and left a wake of destruction! It's so big that if you tried to hug it (don't know why you would because it's pokey) you wouldn't be able to fit your arms around it!

It showed no mercy when it knocked down our little fake Christmas tree... it even left it's prickly prickers all over the poor tree!

Our wreath and 'Happy Holidays' sign stood no chance up against the horrible Tumbleweed and the wind...

We won't even discuss what happened to poor Frosty!

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marcia said...

I heard Washington DC was having above freezing temp....not enough to allure you back, right? Love Big Mommy