The Kids

The Kids

Friday, December 4, 2009

Just call us snotty...

Ever since we moved to New Mexico, I have felt like the altitude is trying to squeeze every last bit of snot out of my head! I can fill tissue after tissue and still find more snot! It's not just me, Daddy and the boys have the same problem.

The rumor has it (we heard it from a urgent care doctor) that this snot overload is part of the climatization part of the move... didn't know I was signing up for this! The Doc said that it could take up to three months before our bodies get used to the 4500 feet above sea level altitude.

In the meantime, my head will fight against the altitude and continue to produce more and more snot... I've been snotty for so long, my sinus pockets might not know what to do with themselves if they suddenly became empty!

For now, I ask "Anyone have a dozen tissues?!?"

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marcia said...

You will feel better soon - maybe, Love Big Mommy