The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hope you all have a Happy New Year! We went out to eat with friends at Outback... we decided to go 'early' to beat the New Year rush. Not sure what we were thinking (clearly we weren't) because our 50 minute wait turned into 2 hours and we still didn't have a table... but we did have two free appetizers!

Four hours later, we were stuffed and happy! On our way home, Sean reminded me that I promised to make chocolate cake to celebrate the New Year... oops, I forgot. Didn't want to disappoint, so I pulled out the bowls and mix and whipped up some chocolate cupcakes. Sean was happy, but I still hate the way anything I bake turns out dry or overdone! My once moist chocolate cupcakes in Virginia are now dry parched chocolate cupcakes in New Mexico. I really need to fix this problem!

Perhaps, I should take some time off from Blogging and Facebooking and spend some time researching high (5,000 feet above sea level) altitude cooking... maybe tomorrow.

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