The Kids

The Kids

Monday, November 23, 2009

We made it!

We pulled into Albuquerque and navigated towards our house around 9:45 a.m. Seems like we've been driving forever! (if 'forever' equates to 36 hours!)

We turned down our road and saw the moving truck pulled up in front of our house! They were already there and had the driveway full... we waited another 30 minutes until JD showed up with the keys. It was cold and windy... the wind was full of sand... I'm too tired for this!

We showed the movers where to put everything... it felt like we were doing something complex like brain surgery when asked which room I wanted the sewing machine in... it got to the point I would just tell them upstairs, downstairs or garage... I really didn't care! I just want the bed put together!

The 'Bandaid' has been ripped off... the 'sting' of the move can still be felt, but after a good nights sleep we should start to feel a little more human again!

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marcia said...

What an adventure, you pulled off the big move, you alone had the trailer, boys, cats and dog, JD deliver the fish, hmmmm, Love Big Mommy