The Kids

The Kids

Monday, November 9, 2009

Open wide...

Today was our dentist appointment with Dr. Swisher. Six months ago, I took Ethan and Sean with me in hopes that we would all get our teeth cleaned on the same day... nope, Sean would have nothing to do with the 'light'. He didn't want to sit in the chair and have that light shine on him like fire! Somehow, Dr. Swisher managed to at least check his teeth and deemed them 'in good shape' until our next visit...

Well, I am a mom that is not above bribary. I believe that it should be used sparingly so that it is sure to work when the time is right. Today... the time is right! I started amping up to the dentist a few weeks earlier when I mentioned that if everyone gets their teeth cleaned we can go to Target and pick out a toy. Both boys were excited about that! I continued the building the anticipation over the course of the remaining days until all Sean could think about was getting his new toy!

How did Sean do today? We had success! He was a pro! He jumped up in that chair and put on his silly sunglasses just like he had done it six months ago! So proud of him and so glad that the bribe worked! (Granted, he probably would have done it without the bribe, but you never know)

A trip to Target and $20 later, we walked out with two toys that will surely break or be lost within the next twenty-four hours!!!

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