The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Is it wrong to love a hotel...

We drove until we got just inside Texas (no picture of the 'Welcome to Texas' sign as it was too dark)... then we started to look for a nice hotel. We happened on a Holiday Inn Express in Shamrock, TX that looked fairly new. Please, please, please take pets!

I waited and waited for JD to come out and tell me that they didn't take pets and we would have to go across the street to the scuzzy hotel. Thank God! He came out and told that we got one of their last 'Pets only' rooms... yeah! They do extra cleaning on these rooms after each stay... no fleas here!!! I can't remember the last time I was this excited about staying in a hotel!

These are pictures of our 'Pets Only' room... I would have stayed here without pets!

We brought in Max and the cats... JD went and got the hotel baggage cart to bring the fish in... poor fish. At this point, all of the fish were doing well except for that one that was still floating. It was the oldest of the three Kissing Gouramis. Technically speaking, this fish already had one fish miracle when he survived being either dried out by the air conditioner or baked on my carpet. Needless to say, we pronounced him DOA right there in the hotel room... He was now in Fishy Heaven... that big fish pond in the sky. When the kids were a bit distracted (five feet away) I fished him out and put him in a ziplock bag. I then double bagged him so that he could be moved. What were we going to do with him now?!? He was at least six inches long... he couldn't be flushed and it felt sacreligious to just toss him in the trash... we decided to deal with him later...

We got cleaned up and it the sack... wish we could have slept in later than 3:30 a.m. because these beds were so comfy! I love sleeping in a nice hotel... I guess I just appreciated this one more because of what we were in last night!

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loved your blog, so much like you, love Big MOMMY