The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm a funny truck driver...

Seems like we've been driving for ages... We spent 12 hours on the road yesterday and we are hoping to get 18 in today! I am so sick of driving! It's a lot harder than what I thought... especially since we don't have someone to trade of with... I dream of napping!

Anyway, hope we can make it a few more hours... our goal is to get inside Texas. My mom thinks we're nuts! She knows that I'm not intoxicated, but I'm so tired I'm apparently not making sense on the phone... oh, and everything is funny!

Like I said, we are going to try and make it a few more hours... oh, and I've also made up my mind that we are not staying in a nasty hotel tonight!!! I refuse to feel like I'm sleeping in a room that has seen its' share of two dollar tricks and has a dead body encased in the box spring!!! Who can sleep in a place like that?!?

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