The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

House hunting...

We left for our house hunting trip this morning... it was agonizing getting up at 3:00 in the morning so that we could get to BWI airport for our 6:50 flight... I hate early morning flights! I just hate getting up early in the morning!

The boys were in good spirits so that's really all that matters! They took everything in stride... to include when I was held up in security and they had to 'wand' me for weapons... can't complain because as I walked out of the security area, they were still 'patting' down the woman that was getting 'patted' down when I first walked in... as I walked away, the security lady was telling the passenger, "Now I'm going to cup your right breast..." Not fun!

The boys hung out on the floor... they tried to sit/lay down on the floor and I freaked out... so we compromised and they used their carseats as beds. I would like to consider this a 'win' for me!

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