The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

We are all sick... full of snot and feeling like poop! We had to cancel our plans to go over to JD's boss' house... so now I am unexpectedly stuck doing Thanksgiving dinner. We are still emptying boxes and I don't have everything in the kitchen cleaned and washed yet (this is partly my fault, but I'm not going into this online)...

We did make it to the commissary to get a ham, some veggies and pies. JD was so looking forward to mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. We unpacked and cleaned up until it was time to make dinner.

I tossed the pies (apple and pumpkin) into the oven and set the timer on the microwave. When the pies were almost done, I put the potatoes on to boil. I went back to unpacking. The potatoes reminded me that they were cooking because they were boiling... when they were done, I found the beaters and started looking for the mixer... crap! I couldn't find the mixer anywhere! We started going through boxes in the garage... I know it was in a box that we moved, but we had no idea where that was!

In the meantime, I forgot about the pies... it wasn't until I started smelling 'browning' pies that I realized that I pretty much burned them... I would like to affectionately call it 'roasting' the pies. Well, they were a bit 'done', but still (for the most part) edible. So, we had ham and corn, parsley butter non-mashed potatoes and well-done pies...

It was a feast fit for a snotty, infectious family living out of boxes!

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