The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fish Emergency...

About two hours later... somewhere west of Nashville, we stopped again to check on the fish. The aerators were still running, but we had an algae eater laying on his side and three other fish in the other container swimming belly up... well, three would move and one just kind of floated. Why?!? Why??!!??!!??

Suddenly, as if spoken from heaven, JD said, "Do you think the water is too cold?" Something so simple and so RIGHT! I felt the water and it was freezing cold! Holy Cripes! We froze out the fish! Fish Emergency! I ran into the McDonald's and purchased (yeah purchased) HOT water... I walked the hot water quickly out to the truck. We carefully poured the steaming HOT water into the containers... not warm enough. JD went in next and got FREE HOT water from the bathroom (would have saved us $5 if I would have thought of that!)... anyway, after the third trip in for HOT water, we finally got the temperature up near 70. I 'Stress Coated' the fish like crazy and treated the water to make sure everything was 'good to go' (or as good as it was going to get with 4 floaters!

Now, all we could do was pray (that's really all we could do because we truly had done everything we could)... so we prayed for the fish.

Two hours passed and we stopped to gas up... checked the fish expecting the worse... only 1 floater!!! It's a fish miracle! We revived 3 of the 4 fish... the odds were pretty good! Thank you, God. Didn't really want my mom to be right and have all the fish die on this trip! We kept that last floater in the tank just in case he was a late revivalist! Sometimes it can take a little time to come around...

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