The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Diamond in the nasty rental market...

We got off to a bit of a rocky start today... Sean just couldn't agree on a table to sit at for breakfast so he decided to pitch one heck of a fit. Just about the time we were ready to leave, he decided he was willing to eat... figures!

I had all of my paperwork in hand to include my overly organized schedule of the day, print outs of all the houses, lists of addresses and phone numbers, pet resumes and reference letters... you name it, I had it! We were on our way to our first appointment when some random lady called and asked if we wanted to see one of her listings quick... sure, why not!

We punched in the address to the GPS for house #1 and off we went... we all had high hopes for the day... as we pulled into the neighborhood, we realized that this house was not going to be for us. Toys and trash everywhere... no sense of pride. The house itself wasn't bad... it wasn't great either... it was blah. We politely listened to the lady's schpeel and got out of there.

The next place we were supposed to look at the agent was busy... so, the office assistant gave us the key to check it out ourselves. She told us that the windows were opened because the carpet had just been cleaned and that it may smell a bit because of the wet carpet... okay? House #2 was in a nice neighborhood... everything looked good on the outside... but then we opened the door and walked in... it smelled like a litter box full of cat pee exploded all over the place! Somebody lived there with a cat that sprayed and that meant that we wouldn't be living there!

2 down and 5 to go... we were still optimistic that we would be spending dinner making a hard decision as to which fantastic house we were going to pick... House #3 was a short drive away from house #2... this one had a nice sized back yard that the boys would really like. We headed inside... it was huge! The only problem outside of the medical bed in the living room (did someone die here?!?) was the yellow pee stains all over the carpet... and when I say 'all over', I mean ALL over! You couldn't step without hitting a spot! GROSS! I asked the guy if the previous tenants had a dog (knowing the answer) and he said they had two ankle biters (apparently with uncontrollable bladders). Needless to say, this house was a big, fat 'NO'!

At this point, we were getting a bit nervous... I don't know if we were openly talking about our angst at this point, but it was there. We pulled up to the Agency that was going to show us house #4 with dread... we must have known we were going to get bad news, because the house we were looking forward to seeing had just been rented... we missed out by a couple hours! Aargh... the agent did have a couple houses we could look at and then there was this one other house... We were listening... it was a five bedroom (excessive, yes) and the carpets hadn't been cleaned yet... okay, why not. We checked the first one of three... a modest one level that felt a bit cramped, but it was clean... the second one had a wierd floor plan that I couldn't get over, but it was clean... the third (excessive) one seemed just right. It was recently painted and smelled like clean paint... the floors were not that dirty even though they hadn't been cleaned yet. Hmmm... could this be the one?!? We took the applications with us and told her we would call her this evening.

We met the next guy at House #5... we should have just called it quits after the last house. We walked into this house and it smelled like smoke. Nope! That's a show stopper for me... smoke and cat pee... sometimes you've just got to draw a line...

We drove by house #6... I looked in the windows and the carpet was gross. The house down the street that looked just like #6 was 'for rent by owner'... we called and ended up walking through it... the floor plan was just plain wierd... add that to the #6's nasty carpet and that equals 'not worth wasting the time to meet an agent to walk through it'!

We got back into the car and immediately called the agent of #4-C... 'Yes, we will take it... we will be right over to give you the application and beg you to let us live there!' Well, we said something like that!

So, you are wondering how dinner conversation went??? Well, we chatted a bit about how gross the rental market is... and how thankful we were for finding at least ONE nice place!

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