The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Aahh nuts...

We are finally enjoying Fall in Virginia! It took a while to cool off... I think I was using the air conditioner up until about a week ago! The house is comfortably cool without being overly cold... I love it and I'm sure husband does too!

Well, the boys still haven't gotten used to the fact that it is getting cooler outside. Ethan came home from school today and immediately stripped his jeans off so that he could enjoy running around in his underwear. I don't think it was twenty minutes before he ran up to me and said, "Mom, my pee-pee hurts." (He does know that the medical terminology is 'penis', but he still prefers 'pee-pee')

"Really? You probably have a little rash, we'll put some cream on it."

"... and my NUTS are small!"

I tried very hard to keep a straight face all the while wondering where his father was... "Honey, your nuts are small (because your five) because your cold... go put your pants back on!"

"Oh, okay"... off he ran to put his pants back on in order to fix his nuts! NUTS!

Later on after a discussion with his father (who doesn't say nuts - he's a balls kind of guy), we asked Ethan how he learned the non-medical terminology of nuts... he told us that is what a kid at school calls them.

Why are little boys sitting around talking about nuts anyway? Shouldn't they be busy talking about Reading and Math?!? I'm paying good, hard earned tax dollars for this free public education... what does my kid learn?!? His testicles are nuts!!!

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Aunt Anne said...

Ok...I heard him say it on the phonne and it's still funny reading about it. Oh my sides hurt. Can you say shrinkage???!!!!