The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thank you Ms. Robin...

I absolutely love Sean's Preschool and his teachers! They are truly very wonderful, very amazing women. The kids love them and they have done such an incredible job instilling a love of learning in my little boy!

Sean gets up every morning and asks if he has school... if I say 'no', he is disappointed. On the days he has school, he is so excited! He loves everything about school... he especially loves Ms. Robin's treasure box. On Thursday's before they leave for the weekend, each child gets to pick out something special from this 'treasure box'.

Last week, Sean picked a purple little pen. To other kids, it's just a 'pen'... they go home and draw their moms a neat picture and she hangs it on their refrigerators. To my child, it is a form of self expression that includes marking all over his body. By the time we got home, Sean had a mustache and a circle around one eye! Thank you, Ms. Robin.

The week before last, he picked a yellow stamper. On this particular day, Ethan was home sick with what was a cough that quickly dissipated... by the time I made it home that day, both boys had yellow stamps up and down their arms... the 'cherry on top' was when Ethan put a yellow stamp on his forehead! Both my children looked jaundice! Thank you, Ms. Robin.

This week, Sean picked an orange stamper. He was so proud of the orange stamper that he showed it to me right away! Yeah, another stamper! I thanked Ms. Robin for the stamper... and yes, within ten minutes, he was covered in orange stamps! Thank you, Ms. Robin.

What creative surprise will Sean pick next week?

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