The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Scarred for a very long time...

I am a big believer in having your children see a strong, loving relationship as they grow up... I also believe that children grow up and mimic the relationship that they witnessed as a child. With this in mind, it is important that my relationship with my husband is nourished and kept strong. I also believe (since we've had kids) that 'quality' and quantity trumps time spent. I strongly believe in the perverbial 'quicky'.

This leads me to tonights blog entry... Hubby and I had put the kids to bed with time to spare before he had to get to sleep. We decided that perhaps a little 'quality' time was in order. He ran through the shower and I took a quick bath. Assuming that the kids were asleep and relying on the 'child proof' handle on our bedroom door, we settled into a little 'quality' time behind closed doors. (Note the 'closed' and not 'locked' reference about the door)

Well, I was pretty much finished with 'quality' time and hubby was rounding third base when I heard a voice... and then I heard it again... crap! What? "Mommy, I want more milk." It was Ethan. "Uhhh... I'll be right there... could you wait in the hall?" Daddy followed up with, "close the door." So embarrassing.

A few minutes later, Daddy opened the door and blurted, "Mommy and Daddy were wrestling lets go get some more milk." Alrighty then slick... guess we covered that one up! I'm sure that I should open a savings account and start depositing money to put towards the years of therapy that Ethan will need because of us... poor kid!

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