The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, October 18, 2009

"I can kick my own butt!"

The boys were being silly tonight and wanted me to tape them being goofy... I had the camera rolling and they started jumping around and showing me all the cool stuff that they could do. They did jumping jacks and push ups...
then Ethan jumped up and hit his butt with his feet and exclaimed, "Look Mom, I can kick my own butt!"

"You can what?"

"I can kick my own butt!" "Really? What's the benefit of you being able to kick your own butt?"

"Now you don't have to spank me anymore..." "Really? So what do I do when you are being naughty?"

"You just tell me to go and kick my own butt!"

This is amazing... he is absolutely so talented! All of my other mom friends are going to be so jealous because my kid can discipline himself!
Check out the video at my Mommy Comedy youtube page

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