The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gotta love Grandma...

The boys got their Halloween package in the mail from Grandma today. Ethan wanted to open it right away... I was on the phone and distracted when he asked me to cut open the big envelope. I slid the scissors across the top and handed it back to him continuing my conversation. A few moments later, Ethan yelled for me to come into the living room and see what they got... I told him to come into the kitchen... he yelled that I had to come his way. Fine. It became crystal clear as to why when I saw the confetti mess all over the living room... Grandma!

She started this 'tradition' (ie. sadistic ritual to irritate my OCD over clean carpets) and now fills every envelope she sends the boys with lots of confetti! She thinks she is hillarious and I'm sure if it was someone else's house I would think it was hillarious too. She also sent Halloween decorations which went up as fast as they came out of the package... the boys were ecstatic! Our house couldn't get more festive... or could it? I noticed a couple of really cute halloween bags and pointed them out to Sean.

He followed me into the kitchen with his 'bag' and asked me to help him open it. It was at that point that I realized that they were, in fact, place mats. I explained to Sean that they were place mats and that they go on the table... he apparently didn't understand me because he carried it over to the door and started to move the rug out of the way to put his place mat in front of the door. I re-explained it to him... I guess he still didn't understand when I heard Daddy tell him that it was his 'eatery mat'... what?!? Really?!?

I really could not let that one go... after the kids were in bed, we were standing the kitchen and I said, "Teacher asks Ethan, what's this? Ethan says that is an 'eatery mat'. A what? An 'eatery mat'. That's not an 'eatery mat', that's a place mat. Ha ha ha (children's laughter) Ethan said 'eatery mat'. Ha ha ha."

From Mommy to Daddy, "Why do you do that to our kids? Really?!?"

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