The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The good life...

It's finally Saturday! I wasn't the only one that was excited to wake up to Saturday... Ethan asked me right away if today was his day off - yes it is! I told the boys that they could take their sheets off their beds because I was going to wash them. They were more than happy to rip their beds apart and throw the sheets down the stairs. Later on I went down to start a load of laundry... while I was messing around in the laundry room, I heard Ethan at the bottom of the steps. Apparently, he was laying on the pile of sheets and blankets, kicking his feet and eating a waffle...

He said, "This is the life!"

So glad his expectations are so low... at least I know that as a parent I will be able to easily meet and exceed his expectations for life! What a sweetie!

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