The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Excuse me officer...

My neighbor gave me a call this morning and asked me if I knew why the County Sheriff was out in front of my house... I looked out and sure enough there were two patrol cars sitting out front and apparently a couple confused officers looking around on foot. Nope, sure didn't!

A few hours later I headed outside to let Max out... sure enough, there was an unmarked car and another Sheriff car parked over by the mailboxes. What the heck?!? I walked over and asked my neighbor (who was now edging her sidwalk) if she had found out what was going on yet? She hadn't. Unfortunately, I felt compelled to find out what brought so many cops to our neighborhood. I had made up my mind to meddle in the name of neighborhood safety... or was it the neighborhood watch (we don't have one). Anyway, I walked across the common area and took a few steps away from the curb with Max by my side before I hollered over to get the attention of the officer...

"Excuse me, officer..." It was at that time that I made a fatal error in my judgement (fatal meaning fatal to my ego), I had decided (for some reason) to step backwards up onto the curb. The error in my ways came when I misjudged how far away from the curb I was... and the fact that my sandals are really too big for my feet... I tripped over my own feet and then over the curb... down I went! I'm not talking about some sort of graceful, sexy, sultry fall... I'm talking about the kind where your butt hits the ground and your feet go up over your head! I'm not exaggerating at all... you can ask the young, kind of cute Sheriff officer.

"Ma'am, are you alright?" For Pete's sake... "Officer, I was just wondering what was going on that had you out here all morning?" I should have just stopped and walked away... at this point he probably already had me pegged as the neighborhood drunk... an unfit mother... a nosey neighbor... a busy body... (I could go on and on).

He told me some story about somebody entering one of the rental units... blah blah blah. Then he said, "Are you sure you are alright ma'am?"

Physically I am fine... mentally I am bruised...

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