The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Artistic expression...

I try very hard to maintain a level head when it comes to things that are really not a big deal... My big rule in the house is ONLY DRAW ON PAPER AND NOT ON ANYTHING ELSE. Of course, anything else includes the walls, the floor, the furniture, etc.

It didn't take long for Ethan to find a loop hole in the anything else rule... I don't even know if Ethan was 18 months old when he discovered this loop hole. Over the last four years they have refined that loop hole which could be miscontrued as a creative outlet or even an artistic talent. They have taught me that most everything comes off in the bath tub... (I say most because some markers/stamps/pens take a little longer and some extra scrubbing).

I explain this back story in order to help you understand the following picture... please do not think that this is a one time occurrence. There have been many times that I have taken either boy (and not necessarily on the same day) to run errands with circles around their eyes or goofy mustaches above their lips.

You may wonder why I am not mortified by their choice of art style... basically, I choose my battles... actually, I choose the ten minutes of free thinking and full thoughts that I have to myself as they occupy themselves by creating goofy art all over their little bodies! Yes, I guess that's why I really don't care. I also like the fact that they have such strong little egos that they don't care if they have circles around their eyes or stamps on their foreheads... they are still just as willing to go out to Target and buy a Bakugan just like any non-inked up kid!

I am the proud mother of two boys... who currently have 65 and 89 (respectively) Halloween stamps decorating their foreheads, noses, cheeks, arms, hands, torsos, legs, and feet!

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