The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sean's first day of school!

Sean's first day of school was today! He was awesome! I was a bit worried because he didn't really want to stay in the classroom during orientation. Today was a different story! He found his chair and started working on making things out of playdough. I stayed with him for a few minutes and then he was ready for me to leave. He gave me a hug and a high five and I was outta there! What a big kid!

When I picked him up from school he was so happy! He loved school and he loved all of his teachers. He showed me his red take home folder... he was so proud of it! I told him that we would treat him to lunch to celebrate his first day of school... he wanted Subway, of course! We met Daddy at Subway. Sean insisted on taking his new red folder into the restaurant. He showed it to the lady making his sandwich... she was such a good sport telling him how neat it was!

I found out later when I talked to Ms. Sandy that half way through the morning, Sean looked at Ms. Robin and Ms. Missy and said, "I didn't know this was going to take so long!?!"
He is so funny! He loves school and he can't wait to go back... even though he still thinks that he should be in kindergarten with his brother! (He told me that he wasn't three he was five so he could go to kindergarten!)
Next week I should be able to start my Tuesday/Thursday gym workout schedule! I am so excited!

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