The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The gifted girl...

I need to share a little bit of back story in order to set this up... back in August Ethan had his kindergarten screening at his elementary school. They took three kids back at a time and I had the pleasure of waiting with a mom who enjoyed 'sharing'. By the time her daughter was done (15 minutes), I knew that she had been in preschool five days a week and attended gymnastics three times a week for two hours at a time... she also had just turned six among other things.

When the teacher brought her daughter out, she told the mom that the child had done a great job... it was at this time that the mom let the teacher know that her child was 'gifted'. She wanted to know when they started the 'gifted' program and that her daughter should be reading in the next two months... the teacher was most gracious and explained that programs like that don't start until second grade in order to weed out those that were 'exposed' from those that are truly 'gifted'. The mom continued (of course) about our 'gifted' her daughter was... I had heard of these mom's, but had never seen one in person before...

Fast forward to today... I was picking Ethan up from school and noticed that the mom that belonged to the 'gifted girl' was standing behind me in the car rider line along with her three year old daughter. Once we got into the cafeteria, Ethan ran over to me and waited with Sean and I. As soon as the mom got into the cafeteria, her three year old ran over to the 'gifted' girl and they both flopped onto the cafeteria floor... the poor girl was on her back with her legs in the air and her skirt up with her tights and underwear showing... it was at that time that I realized that the 'gifted' girl is really just a kindergartener with a really overbearing mom!

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