The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Got new shoes!

We are slowly getting ready for the school year. I picked up some new shirts for the boys and knew I had to tackle finding new shoes. The shock from our spring shoe shopping excursion hasn't worn off yet... $65 for two pairs of kids shoes... highway robbery! There isn't enough fabric and rubber to warrant $65 for shoes... and they were on sale!

Anyway, decided to check out a different store that a friend of mine has 'success' finding really good sale prices. This store has the buy one get one half off deal... of course it's only on regular priced shoes or blue tagged sale shoes and not clearance shoes or orange tagged shoes... they should pass out these rules when you walk in the door... it's a lot to remember. Ethan found a pair he liked right away... another pair of Sketchers that light up... I warned him that if gets them filthy and I have to wash them the lights may stop... he didn't care. Sean pulled out a bunch of different shoes in many different sizes and finally settled on black high top Converse.

I took them up to the counter and waited to hear what my 'deal' was going to cost me... $63! Aargh... I contemplated not going through with the 'deal' and then talked myself out of it... it doesn't matter where I go or what 'sale' I find... I'm still going to spend $65 on new tennis shoes! Oh well. What is it? $180,000 the average family spends on one child to raise them from birth to age 18... I think that is what 'they' said on tv.

We got out to the car and I began to regret my decision to get Sean shoes that 'tie'. He pulled the laces out immediately and then pitched a fit because he couldn't get them back in... by bedtime, I had laced and relaced his new shoes at least a dozen times. He is horribly particular that the aglet (the plastic part on the end of the lace... learned this from Phineas and Ferb) does not touch the ground... he freaks out and has to immediately stick it into one of the lace holes! Why can't he be more particular about where he puts his toys or how clean the floor is? This kid is sucking the color right out of my hair!

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