The Kids

The Kids

Friday, August 14, 2009

Vomit in the bread crumbs...

Today Daddy took Ethan to go see the movie GI Joe and I took Sean with me to the preschool. Sean was so excited to show Miss Jil his new Converse tennis shoes! She was going to help watch the kids while the board meeting was taking place. Well, the meeting lasted way to long and by the time we left it was dinner time.

I had thawed some chicken and decided that we would make chicken parmesan. I asked Sean if he wanted to help me and he was all about it! He pushed up a chair to the counter and insisted that he was ready to help. I grabbed out a pie pan and had him dump the italian bread crumbs into it. I then gave him a wooden spoon so that he could 'stir' them while I got the chicken ready. I turned around and heard him say, "I think I'll taste the bread crumbs..."

I turned back around in time to witness him scooping a large wooden spoon full of bread crumbs into his mouth. The coughing was instantaneous! I grabbed his juice and told him to take a drink to wash his mouth out... he started gagging. It was too late... he vomited in the bread crumbs! He then took a drink and got them out of his mouth and was fine. The bread crumbs... were not.

I didn't have a lot of bread crums left, but probably enough to coat the chicken. I grabbed out another pie pan and put it in front of him. I reminded him not to taste any more bread crumbs. He dumped the rest of the bread crumbs in the plate... while he was 'stirring' them, I turned around to get the skillet ready. By the time I turned back around, Sean was pouring his water into the pan of bread crumbs! Whose idea was it to have help making dinner?!?

We had to doctor some plain bread crumbs to make them work... I pulled out some shredded parmesan cheese and dropped a handful on top of the bread crumbs. Sean grabbed some cheese and said, "I think I'll taste some cheese!" At that, he shoved his handful into his mouth... whatever didn't make it entirely in his mouth, he whisked away with the back of his hand flinging a good portion across the dining room carpet!

Why didn't I order out?!?

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