The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Today we promised the boys that we would take them down to the Rappahannock river and let them run around... it sounds kind of 'red neck' but it is actually really nice! Before we headed out to the river, we took the Trolley Tour of Fredericksburg. That was so cool!

I always knew that there was a lot of Civil War history in Fredericksburg, but I didn't realize how much! A lot of stuff happened hear and a lot of soldiers died here... it's insane how many thousands of unknown soldiers are burried here in Fredericksburg! I didn't know so many famous people from that era lived and worked in Fredericksburg. Downtown are some of the original buildings and even a few cannon balls that are still stuck in those buildings! It is so cool! The Trolley Tour is highly recommended!

After that, we took the kids down to the river. It was so nice because we haven't had a lot of rain in a while... the river was running low and slow! Grandma is such a good sport... she took them swimming while I enjoyed being the laughing spectator! Sometimes it's nice for Grandma to have the quality time with the boys while I enjoy being (for the most part) dry!
They played for about an hour... it really is a nice river!

After we got done frolicking in the river and taking a pit stop at home to clean up, we headed over to Amy's Cafe and had dinner. This restaurant is so cute... it's in an old house turned cafe down by the river. They've got great crab cakes! We will have to go back before we move!

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