The Kids

The Kids

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mommy, I'm a funny kid...

The boys and I did a little work in the backyard this morning. We pruned two feet off of the psychotic lilac bush... I think I cut six feet at least off of it a growing season. We also anchored the little hibiscus trees to the shed so they have a little more support as they grow... just some things to get the house ready for its new owner!

Anyway, when we were done, we headed in to get lunch. I made the boys sandwiches and Sean had pushed a chair up to the island to watch. I grabbed a knife to cut them in quarters and Sean told me...

"Mom, don't cut my blanket with that knife..."

"I won't."

"Mom, don't cut my blanket with that knife... don't cut my head with that knife... don't cut my head with that knife cause that would hurt!"

He started rubbing his eye, "My eye hurts. I need to get a new eye. I want to get two green eyes just like you! I want to get one blue eye and one green eye... that would be funny! That would make me a funny kid!"

Oh sweetie, you already are a funny kid!

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